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Little Girl Drawing in Pre-School at Bellevue

We know that choosing a childcare center is one of the most difficult decisions a parent must make. Children learn best through play, and our role is to set up a variety of play experiences in which we encourage your child to become more involved.

Many childcare centers do not provide the nurturing, qualified teaching staff, a variety of activities, technology and educational advantages that you want for your children. Our preschool programs are based on the principles of developmentally appropriate practice.

Little Girl Drawing in Pre-School at Bellevue
Cheerful preschoolers at Bellevue

About our Preschool in Bellevue

Cheerful preschoolers at Bellevue

Our days are filled with enriching activities, exciting learning experiences, and wholesome meals and snacks. Our primary goal is to prepare your children for a life-long love of learning and to instill self-confidence and self-esteem. Before you make your childcare decision, please accept our invitation to visit. We help children become aware of the feelings and opinions of others by practicing safety habits and developing a feeling of trust between children and teachers.

A Typical Day is Split into two Class time, Morning Classes and Afternoon Classes.

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In the morning classes the focus is more on a group activities and circle times which will correlate to the theme of the week. In addition, we will talk about current events and life skills which might be present weather, calendars, or holidays. Finally, during the circle times, we invite kids to engage in a variety of activities which develop critical thinking skills and interaction situations between teachers and students.
The afternoon classes begin after nap/quite time. At this time kids explore classroom centered activities based on different area of development.

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Join our engaging class where your child can learn and have a great time with their fellow classmates.

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Our preschool is filled with fun, laughter and “messy” hands-on activities! Our preschool is all inclusive, fosters self-esteem, builds confidence and encourage kids to empower their learning!

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