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Kindergarten Students Learning in Science Experiment Laboratory

Preparing Your Child to Succeed in Elementary School

Kindergarten Students Learning in Science Experiment Laboratory

Many consider kindergarten the new first grade because primary schools have come to expect more and more from young students academically. At our schools, we go the distance to sufficiently equip your child for rigorous educational standards, while easing the transition into formal education. While our kindergarten program polishes your child’s academic skills, we also prioritize playfulness and social development with safe learning settings, experienced instructors, and compact classrooms. Our private kindergarten program supports your kindergartener’s cognitive, social-emotional, and physical development in a holistic manner for whole child development.

Private Kindergarten is a wonderful opportunity to introduce your child to the primary school years in a smaller, more unique setting.

Our Kindergarten Curriculum Goes Above and Beyond

Promoting Literacy

Studies have shown that about 80% of primary school teachers now expect students to learn how to read during their kindergarten year. In order to meet these new challenges, our kindergarten literacy program encourages your little one to develop a love of language and literature through regular reading, writing, and listening exercises.

Interior design of a kindergarten classroom at Clyde Hill

Mastering Math

At this age, children begin to count, categorize, and compare. These cognitive skills are fundamental for understanding the math taught in primary school. Independent and group numerical activities strengthen your child’s elementary math abilities ahead of first grade.

Interior design of a kindergarten classroom at Clyde Hill
Group of kindergarten kids learning gardening outdoors at Mercer Island

Speaking Russian and Spanish

 In this globalized world, multilingual proficiency is becoming more and more important. Young students have a great capacity to learn native-like pronunciation and intonation in another language, for example, Spanish and Russian. Our education program offers a multitude of Spanish learning activities that will give your child an edge in increasingly competitive academics.

Group of kindergarten kids learning gardening outdoors at Mercer Island

Exploring Science & Nature

 Now that your youngster has the physical capabilities to thoroughly discover the outdoors, he or she likely wants to know more about how the world around them functions. Our committed team guides kids as they observe, identify, investigate, and test their environment.

An Effortless Transition into First Grade

Though the transition from early childhood care to primary school can be a challenging one for both parents and child, studies have demonstrated that family involvement in education during this particular period can significantly improve a child’s academic progress. We involve parents in a child’s kindergarten program through frequent meetings and strong communication. Our skilled teachers and dedicated staff work with you to gain optimal educational results for your child. Our comprehensive and diverse kindergarten program equips your child with the skillset needed to prosper in primary school and beyond!

Bellevue kindergarten female school teacher and girls in class, close up
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