Autism Spectrum Service

World for Kids Academy provides impactful support and transformative services designed to empower and uplift children on the Autism spectrum and their families.

For the 1-in-54 children living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), the challenges can feel overwhelming. From socialization issues to emotional regulation barriers, speech delays to behavioral challenges, and more – World for Kids Academy remains steadfast in our commitment to provide children of all ages with the support services they deserve and the skills they need to help them achieve their full potential. 

At World for Kids Academy, we believe every child deserves care, compassion, and respect – and every service we provide is designed with the dignity and well-being of the child in mind.  We believe that children living with Autism Spectrum Disorder are cherished, valued, and valid members of our world that are capable of incredible depth of emotion and a powerful capacity to achieve great things in life, and at World for Kids Academy, we are passionate about providing children with ASD and their families the supports and services they need to build a lifetime full of hope and happiness together.

Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

Children’s critical thinking, self-confidence, and problem-solving abilities are developed through strong teacher-child interactions and a robust Plan-Do-Review process.
Boy with autism at Redmond daycare
adorable little kids doing homework together
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psychologist playing blocks with little child with autism syndrome

Our teachers challenge and expand children’s thinking with diverse materials and nurturing interactions. In all our programs, children engage in active learning—direct, hands-on experiences with people, materials, and ideas.